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Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Baby Girl Free Crochet Pattern without amigurumi I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Use crochet hook 2mm, 1,25mm and 3,5mm.
The doll will be anything between 13cm. to 20cm. depending on how tight/loose you crochet and the
size of the beanie.
The abbreviations I used are common US terms. If a line says “sc3, inc, sc5″ then it means you’ll
have to repeat the action inside the * until end of round and continue the action after the comma.
Abbreviations that are used:
ch = chain
st = stitch
sc = single crochet
inc = increase
sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together
sl st = slip stitch
FO = fasten off
rep = repeat
hdc = half double crochet

The brand cotton yarn that I used is Rio and Anna & Claras.

  • 2 mm. crochet hook (for doll and dress)
  • 1,25 mm crochet hook (for bear)
  • 3,5 mm hook (for beanie)
  • embroidery needle for sewing
  • red cotton yarn (dress)
  • white cotton yarn (dress)
  • skin tone cotton yarn (doll)
  • brown cotton yarn (feet and hair)
  • thin brown acrylic yarn (for 1,25mm hook for bear)
  • golden beads or buttons (for dress)
  • Make up/blush or pastel crayons (use a brush or ear cottons to do this)
  • polyfill stuffing
  • 6mm. eyes (eyes for doll)
  • very small black rhinestones (eyes of bear)
  • pink stonewash yarn from Scheepjes (for beanie)
  • Fantasy yarn for scarf

Use cotton eyes available in my shop if you prefer something different.
Skin colour

  1. ch2, sc6 in 2nd ch from hook (6)
  2. inc around (12)
  3. sc1, inc (repeat around) (18)
  4. sc2, inc (repeat around) (24)
  5. sc3, inc (repeat around) (30)
  6. sc4, inc (repeat around) (36)
  7. sc5, inc (repeat around) (42)
    8-15. sc around for 8 rounds (42) place eyes in row 11 or 12
  8. sc5, dec (repeat around) (36)
  9. sc4, dec (repeat around) (30)
  10. sc3, dec (repeat around) (24)
  11. sc2, dec (repeat around) (18)
  12. sc1, dec (repeat around) (12)
  13. dec until closed (0)

Make 2
Start with brown yarn

  1. ch2, sc8 in 2nd ch from hook (8)
    2-3. sc around (8)
    switch to skintone yarn
    4-17 sc around for 6 rounds (8)
    Cut yarn of first leg, then make second
    leg but do NOT cut yarn of second leg!


  1. Now join the first leg with the second leg and crochet the
    first round 16st.
    You should have 16st now!
  2. sc1, inc (repeat around) (24)
    21-25. sc around for 5 rounds (24)
  3. sc1, dec (repeat around) (16)
    27-29. sc around for 3 rounds (16)
  4. sc1, dec (repeat around), sc1 (11)
    31-33. sc around for 2 rounds (11)
    FO with a sl st.
    Cut yarn but leave a long tail.
    Optional: Use pipe cleaners or electric wire if you want the
    doll to be poseable.

Make 2
Skin tone yarn

  1. ch2, sc7 in 2nd ch from hook (7)
    2- 11 sc around for 4 rounds (7)
    FO, cut yarn

The exact amount of sts doesn’t matter that much.
As long as it fits and looks nice you’re okay. 🙂
Start with red yarn.

  1. ch17, join first ch to form a circle (16)
  2. sc around (16)
  3. sc3, inc (20)
  4. sc around for 2 rounds (20)
  5. sc4, inc (24)
  6. inc, sc4 (28)
  7. sc4, inc, sc3 (33)
  8. sc around (33)
  9. sc3, inc, sc (41)
  10. sc3, inc, sc (51)
    11-12. sc around for 2 rounds (51)
  11. sc4, inc, sc (61)
    switch to white
  12. sc around (61)
  13. ch2, 3dc in next st, sc2
    Sew dress onto body.
    Sew head onto body

Use red cotton yarn

  1. 6 in magic ring 6
  2. inc 12
  3. Sc around 12
    Sew sleeves onto arms and then onto body.

Use brown.

  • Use very long strands of yarn and your embroidery needle to sew hair on the head. Follow the instructions on
    the photos.
    Just follow the steps next to the photos and you’ll be fine. 🙂
    -Sew/embroider nose on face.

With thicker pink yarn and 3,5mm hook
For this you’ll need to follow the steps on the photos.
Crochet as many chains as you need to cover the head. Then hdc
FO, leave long tail.
Now get your needle and sew both ends until closed. (see photo)
Now Sew along the upper rim. Now pull the tail tight and the upper part will close. FO.
Make a pompom and sew onto the beanie. 🙂
Put the beanie onto the head. If it is too big, just fold the lower edge to form a rim.

Get some fantasy yarn and wrap around her neck or make a scarf by wrapping long strands of yarn together
and wrap around the neck.
Use golden rhinestones or buttons and glue them onto the dress.
Use red pastels or make up to add some blushing onto her cheeks and nose for a cold winter effect. 🙂

Teddy Bear

Use a 1,25mm hook and light brown yarn.

Head Snout

1. 6 in magic ring 6 Use white thread

2. *inc* 12 1. 6 in magic ring 6

3. *sc, inc* 18 2. *inc* 12

4. *sc2, inc* 24 FO

5-8. Sc around 4 rounds 24

9. *sc2, dec* 18

10. *sc, dec* 12

11. *dec* 0



1. 6 in magic ring 6

2. *inc* 12

3. *sc, inc* 18

4-7.sc around 4 rounds 18

8. *sc, dec* 12

9-11 sc around 3 rounds 12

12. *sc, dec*, sc 9

13. sc around 9

Cut yarn

Arms & Legs x4

1. 6 in magic ring 6

2. *inc* 12

3-6 sc around 4 rounds 12

7. *sc, dec* 9

8-9.sc around 2 rounds 9


1. 7 in magic ring 7

Cut yarn.

– Sew all parts together

– Use pastels or make up to create shadows on face,

ears, snout, arms and legs.

– Cut green or any colour string you like to make a bow

around the bears neck.

– Use black sewing thread to embroider nose and mouth.