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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Chubby Cat Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

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Materials and equipment:

The size of the doll is 10.5 inches tall
• Crochet hook size 3.00 mm
• Yarn: I’m using soft worsted yarn and 3 mm crochet hook. Your cat should be about 10.5 inches tall. However, exact gauge isn’t important.
• Stuffing
• Mushroom button eyes 9 mm

MR – magic ring
Ch – chain
sc – single crochet
sl – slip stitch
Inc – increase
dec – decrease
Turn -Turn over the work piece
(…)* – repeat instruction x time

Head :

“ Use your favorite color “
R1. 6sc- MR (6)
R2. 6inc (12)
R3. (sc, inc)6 times (18) R4. (2sc, inc)6 times (24)
R5. (3sc, inc)6 times (30) R6. 2sc, inc, (4sc, inc)5 times , 2sc. (36)
R7. (5sc, inc)6 times (42) R8. 3sc, inc, (6sc, inc)5 times, 3sc. (48)
R9. (7sc, inc)6 times (54) R10. 4sc, inc, (8sc, inc)5 times, 4sc. (60)
R11. (9sc, inc)6 times (66) R12-21. 66sc (66) Red word = Change to White yarn R22. 21sc, 6-inc, 5sc, 2sc, 5sc, 6-inc, 21sc. (78) R23. 36sc, 6sc, 36sc (78) R24. 34sc, 10sc, 34sc (78) R25. 32sc, 14sc, 32sc (78) R26. 30sc, 18sc, 30sc (78) R27. 28sc, 22sc, 28sc (78) R28. 26sc, 26sc, 26sc (78) R29. 21sc, dec, 5dec, 12sc, 5dec, dec, 21sc. (66) R30. 9sc, dec, 9sc, dec, (9sc, dec)2 times, 2sc, 7sc, dec,9sc, dec (60)
R31. 4sc, dec, 8sc, dec, sc, 7sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 4sc (54)
R32. 7sc, dec, 4sc, 3sc, dec, (7sc, dec)2 times, 6sc, sc, dec, 7sc, dec (48) R33. 3sc, dec, (6sc, dec)5 times, 3sc. (42)
R34. (5sc, dec)*6 (36) stuff
Fast off

Arms (x2)

Red word = White yarn
R1. 8sc (8) MR
R2. 8-inc (16)
R3-4. 16sc (16)
R5-16. 16sc (16)
Stuff, Fast off and leave a long end for sewing
Pinch last row of the arm, sew 8 stitches together

Ears (x2)

Red word = white yarn
R1. 4sc MR (4)
R2. (sc, inc)2 times (6) R3. sc, inc, (sc, inc)2 times (9)
R4. sc, sc, inc, (2sc, inc)2 times (12) R5. sc, 2sc, inc, (3sc, inc)2 times (15)
R6. sc, 4sc, 2sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 2sc. (17)
Fast off and leave a long end for sewing 2


Red word = White yarn
R1. 6sc – MR(6)
R2. 6-inc (12)
R3-7. 12sc (12)
R8-31. 12sc (12)
R32. (2sc, dec)*3 (9)
R33. 9sc (9)
Insert aluminum wire in the tail. Stuff Fast off and leave a long end for sewing


Light brown yarn
R1. MR- 6sc , slst (6)


White yarn
Start with ch 5, start in second ch from hook. Working in both in the second ch from hook.
R1. 3sc, 3sc in the last st. Continue on the other side of a chain, 2sc, inc (10)
R2. inc, 2sc, 3-inc, 2sc, 2-inc, slst (16)
Fast off and leave a long end for sewing

Legs and Body Red word = White yarn

First leg:
R1. 6sc MR (6)
R2. 6-inc (12)
R3. (sc, inc)6 times (18) R4. (2sc, inc)6 times (24)
R5. (3sc, inc)*6 times (30)
R6-8. 30sc (30)
R9. 18sc, 3M (3M = single crochet 3 together), 3sc (24)
R10. 24sc (24)
R11-12. 24sc (24) stuff

Second leg:
R1. 6sc – MR (6)
R2. 6-inc (12)
R3. (sc, inc)6 times (18) R4. (2sc, inc)6 times (24)
R5. (3sc, inc)6 times (30) R6-8. 30sc (30) R9. 3sc, 3M (3M = single crochet 3 together), 18sc (24) R10. 24sc (24) R11-12. 24sc (24) stuff Now, still holding the last stitch of the second leg on your hook. Ch 3, Take the first leg and insert the hook in the next stitch after the last stitch on the first leg. R13. 54sc around (54) R14. 4-inc, 43sc, 7-inc (65) R15-25. 65sc around (65) R26. 4-dec, 43sc, 7-dec (54) R27-28. 54sc around (54) R29. 6sc, dec, 17sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 9sc. (51) R30. 51sc around (51) R31. 17sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 18sc. (48) R32. 48sc. around (48) R33. 14sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 15sc. (45) R34. 10sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 10sc. (42) R35. (5sc, dec)6 times (36)
Stuff, Fast off and leave a long end for sewing

Before sewing, Fix the muzzle with pin, Use wrong side of the muzzle (wrong side crochet) sew in to the head

Insert a mushroom eyes between rounds 21-22, when you tighten up your two yarn before tie up, your face cat will be molding a little bit. Pull on both thread ends until the eyes move inwards. knot both ends carefully

Making the bubble putt:

Please mark the 5 places with pins as in the picture
Insert thread in to front of the body, Leave a long tail for knot both ends of the thread
• Take a slightly longer needle and prick in the fallowing order : 1,2,3,4,5,4,5,1 /

Please tighten the thread again so that the bubble putt take on the desired shape and knot both ends of the thread

Semicircle Collar – Start with ch 2, start in second ch from hook.

  1. 4sc, – Not connect to next stitch, Turn (4)
  2. Ch1, 4inc Turn (8)
  3. Ch1, (sc, inc)* 4 time. Turn (12)
  4. Ch1, (2sc, inc)*4 time, Turn (16)
  5. Ch1, (3sc, inc)*4 time Turn (20)
  6. Ch1, 2sc, inc, (4sc, inc)*3, 2sc Turn. (24)
  7. Ch1, (5sc, inc)*4 time Turn. (28)
  8. Ch1, 28sc (28) Ch 31 , start from Second chain from the hook, 30 slst, 14sc, ch 31, and 31 slst (on the chain), slst in next stitch , Cut yarn.