Amigurumi Doll Free Crochet Pattern


X: Needle
V: Increase
A: Decrease
Cc: Loop shift

1-6X into magic ring
2-6v = 12X
3-1X 1v = 18X
4-2X 1v = 24X
5-3X 1v = 30X
6-4X 1v = 36X
7-5X 1v = 42X
8-6X 1v = 48X
9-21 .48X
20-6X 1A = 42X
21-5X 1A = 36X
22-4X 1A = 30X
23-3X 1A = 24X
24-2X 1A = 18X

Let’s wear the eyes of the amigurumi in the 23rd row so that 7 loops remain in the 13th row.
Let’s fill the whole head while in the 24th row, then knit the 25th row.
Let’s process the nose with skin color right in the middle of the face area.
Let’s do mouth processing under the nose.
When finishing, let’s leave 30 cm long rope to use in sewing.

1-6X into magic ring
2-6v = 12X
3-1X 1v = 18X
4-2X 1v = 24X
5-3X 1v = 30X
6-4X 1v = 36X
7-5X 1v = 42X
8-6X 1v = 48X
9-7X 1V = 54X
10-18- 54X
we switch to hair tresses.

Hair Tresses;

After the top of the hair is knitted, we draw 30 chains at the end of the 18th row, we turn back on 30 chains and knit them as 3X, 1V to the end of the row and make a caterpillar (maggot) model.
In this way, we make the hair around the entire head so that the front of the baby’s head remains open.
After we put the hair on the head, we sew it with a blind stitch technique. As we can see in the front part, we are banging.

1-5X into magic ring
2-5V = 10X
We leave long rope to sew 27 rows of 10X

1-6X into magic ring
2-6v = 12X
3-15. 12 X
We will put the knee detail here.
16-4X 1 zn back- 4X 1cc (loop shift) back – 4X 1cc continue to knit the normal leg
Between 17-30. 12X
In the same way, the other leg is knitted.

1-Combine two legs with 4 chains 32 X
2.32 X
Skin color yarn is passed.
From 3 to 16.32 X
17-30X sideways 1 x subtracted
18-28X 1 side X subtracted from the sides
19-26X 1er X subside from the sides
20-24X 1er X subside from the sides
21-22X from the sides 1 X subtract
22-20X from the sides 1 X subtract
23-18X from each side X subtracted
Between 24-30. 18X

Let’s make 27 pieces of 2 handrails in 38 chains. 9 chains will remain.
Let’s go back and dip each railing double = 54
Let’s go back and change the color. Let’s make 1 chain 54 frequent needles.
-2 chain back to main color again, 8 pieces of 2 handrails +6 chain 11X skip 16 pieces of 2 handrails Let’s make 6 chains 11 X skip 8 pieces of 2 handrails
-2 chain back pass the armpit and make 1 handrail to each loop up to the front region, go to the front part as 2 handrails, 1 frequent needle, make 1 handrail to each loop from the bottom of the arm to the end of the row. Now we knit round without coming back, we stretch as much as we want
We pass the lace on the lower end optionally from the inside.
If we want the tunic sleeves to be long, we knit the dress by 1 sleeve by the sleeve and knit it along the sleeve as long as we want.

Starting from the 2nd row on the 1.9 chain chain, 7 X, 3X to the last chain, 6X, 1V = 17X
2.1V, 6X, 3V, 6X, 2V = 23X
3.1X, 1V, 6X, (1V, 1X) * 3 times, 6X, 1V, 2X, 1V = 29X
4-8. 29X

9.7X, 7A, 8X = 21X
10.6X, 3A, 6X = 18X
We knit the 12 needles in 3 rows with the foot on the back and finish.
Before we put the boot on the foot and stitch it, we shape it by filling it with fiber, we make the tongue part by knitting a small piece of size 1 cm * 2 cm with a hairy rope and mounting it while sewing. We knit the lace of the shoe and sew it on. If desired, we decorate with bow, button, bead etc.

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