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Amigurumi Willa The Forest Fairy Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi The Forest Fairy Doll Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Pattern notes

Welcome to the Fairies, Elves & Fantasy
Doll Collection! Here you’ll find a some
allusive little beings ready to surprise and
delight. All you need is a little

About this pattern
This crochet pattern includes instructions
for creating “Willa the Forest Fairy”. You’ll
find the written pattern detailed on pages
5 through to 8, with example photos of key
pattern steps included on page 9.

General tips and recommendations

knowledge of basic crochet stitches
and amigurumi technique is
recommended for completing this
round (or row) numbers are indicated
in bold at the start of each line
work in continuous rounds (spiral)
unless otherwise indicated
mark the beginning of each round with
a stitch marker
change yarn colour on the last step of
the previous stitch (i.e. the stitch before
the indicated colour change).

Finished size
Willa is about 28 cm tall when made using
the recommended yarn and hook size, but
will vary based on individual tension and
crochet style.

A note on faces
Embroidering the face on your amigurumi
can take practise and patience, but will
add lots of individual personality… no two
are ever the same! For these patterns, I
find it easier to add embroidered details
after finishing the head and hat/hair.

A note on skin colour
Most of the patterns from this collection
use a pale cream for the skin colour. I felt
this gave the dolls an almost ethereal look
about them. You may, of course, use any
shade of skin tone that you prefer.

And finally…
Thank you for choosing an oche pots
pattern! I hope you enjoy creating your
own little collection of fairies, elves and
other mystical beings.


This pattern uses US crochet terminology.
rnd(s) – round(s)
MC – magic circle
ch – chain stitch
st(s) – stitch(es)
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
2-dc-cl – 2 double crochet cluster (2 dc
together in same st)
htr – half treble crochet
tr – treble crochet
inc (or sc-inc) – increase (2 sc in same
hdc-inc – half double crochet increase
(2 hdc in same st)
dc-inc – double crochet increase (2 dc in
same st)
dec – decrease (sc next 2 sts together)
dc-dec – double crochet decrease (dc
next 2 sts together)
picot – picot stitch (ch 3 and sl st into
3rd ch from hook)
blo – back loop only
(…) x … – repeat stitches between
brackets by the number of times
[…] – total number of stitches in a
round (or row)
YO – yarn over


Sport or DK (light worsted) weight
cotton yarn (50 g = 125 m)

pale cream (skin colour)

  • dark pink (hat)
  • red/brown (pants and hair)
  • green (shoes and dress)
  • pink (wings)

For face details:

embroidery needle

  • embroidery floss in black and dark pink

Crochet hook in size 2.5 mm

US C-2, UK 12

  • or preferred hook size for yarn weight
    Crochet hook in size 3 mm (for wings)
  • US D-3, UK 11

Fibrefill, stitch markers, scissors,
tapestry needle (blunt tip), dress-making
pins (optional)

2 double crochet cluster (2-dc-cl) – work
2 double crochet together in same stitch,
(YO, insert hook into st, YO and pull through
stitch, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook)
x 2, YO and pull though all 3 sts on hook


The head is worked as two circular pieces
(front and back), which are then joined
with a round of single crochet.
front (face)
In skin colour
1 6 sc into MC [6]
2 6 inc [12]
3 (sc, inc) x 6 [18]
4 (sc, inc, sc) x 6 [24]
5 (3 sc, inc) x 6 [30]
6 (2 sc, inc, 2 sc) x 6 [36]
7 (5 sc, inc) x 6 [42]
8 (3 sc, inc, 3 sc) x 6 [48]
9 (7 sc, inc) x 6 [54]
10 (4 sc, inc, 4 sc) x 6 [60]
11 (9 sc, inc) x 6 [66]
12 (5 sc, inc, 5 sc) x 6 [72]
13-14 72 sc [72] for 2 rnds
Fasten off and weave in yarn end.
back (hat)
The back of the head is worked in the
same way as the front, omitting the last
In dark pink
1-13 as for front of head (above)
Do not fasten off. Leave working loop on
hook and continue on to assemble head.
head assembly
Continue in dark pink. Place front and
back head pieces together (wrong-sides
facing). Insert hook into next st on back
piece and then into a corresponding st on
front piece. Work a sc to join. Make
another 38 sc around, working through
both front and back head pieces.

Change to skin colour. Continue working
sc around the head, stuffing firmly before
closing the rnd with a sl st.
Fasten off and weave in yarn ends

Hat & Hair

Make a half circle, in dark pink. Work
in rows (ch 2 and ch 3 count as stitches).
1 MC (leaving a long starting yarn tail), ch
3, 6 dc into MC, tighten MC but do not join
rnd [7]
2 ch 3, turn, dc into same st, dc-inc x 6,
working last dc-inc into top of ch 3 [14]
3 ch 3, turn, dc into same st, (dc, dc-inc)
x 6, dc into top of ch 3 [21]
4 ch 3, turn, dc-inc into next st, (2 dc, dcinc) x 6, skip last st (do not work into ch 3)
5 ch 3, turn, 26 dc, working last dc into
top of ch 3 [27]
6 ch 2, turn, 26 hdc, working last hdc
into top of ch 3 [27]
7 ch 1, do not turn, 27 reverse sc back
along rim of hat
Fasten off, leaving a long tail.
Next we make a small stem at the top
of the hat. Insert hook into MC and, using
starting yarn tail, ch 5. Starting in 2nd ch
from hook, make 4 sl st back down ch, sl st
into MC to finish. Fasten off and weave in
yarn end.

In hair colour. Turn hat over (to ‘wrong
side’) and orient so stem points
downwards. Locate “3rd loops” formed at
the back of the hdc sts from row 6. We will
work off these loops to attach hair curls
and hair to underside of hat. Work in rows
(ch 2 and ch 3 count as stitches).
1 attach yarn to the loop on your right
and work 10 sc across the back of the hat
2 ch 5, turn, start in 2nd ch from hook
and work back down ch, (sc-inc, sc) x 2, sl
st into next st on row 1 (curl #1), ch 7, (scinc, sc) x 3 back down ch, sl st into next st
on row 1 (curl #2), sc, hdc, dc, 2 htr, 2 tr
[7] stitch count does not include curls
3 ch 3, turn, 3 dc, dc-dec [5]
4 ch 2, turn, dc-dec, 2 dc [4]
Fasten off and weave in yarn ends.
Position hat and hair on front of head,
aligned with the section of the joining rnd
of sc worked in hat colour. Gently pull the
hat into position, securing with dressmaking pins as you go.
Using a tapestry needle, sew hat and hair
in place, working into the row ends and
securing to the joining rnd of sc on the
head (leaving stem loose), and across final
rows of hat and hair.
Using black embroidery floss,
embroider mouth on face, centred, 3 to 4
sts wide and between rnds 8 and 9. Add
small lips in dark pink. Embroider eyes in
black either side of the mouth. Eye arc
should be roughly 5 to 6 rnds wide and 2
to 3 sts tall.


The legs and body are worked in one
piece, from the feet up.
Make 2, start in green
1 5 sc into MC [5]
2 5 inc [10]
3-12 10 sc [10] for 10 rnds
Change to red/brown
13 blo 10 sc [10]
14-29 10 sc [10] for 16 rnds
First leg
30 5 sc, do not finish rnd [5] sl st into
next st and fasten off
Second leg
30 10 sc [10] sl st to finish but do not
cut yarn, continue on to join legs
From second leg, ch 4. Join to first leg by
working a sc directly into the next st on
the first leg (the st into which we made the
sl st). Mark this as first st of rnd 31.
31 with legs joined, work another 9 sc
around first leg, 4 sc along ch, sc into next
st on 2nd leg (at base of ch), work another
9 sc around second leg, 4 sc back along ch
32 5 sc, inc, 13 sc, inc, 8 sc [30]
33 30 sc [30]
34 (4 sc, inc) x 6 [36]
35-39 36 sc [36] for 5 rnds
Pause here to stuff the legs and continue
stuffing as we work the body.


Change to green
40 blo 8 sc, dec, 16 sc, dec, 8 sc [34]
41 34 sc [34]
42 7 sc, dec, 16 sc, dec, 7 sc [32]
43 32 sc [32]
44 7 sc, dec, 15 sc, dec, 6 sc [30]
45 7 sc, dec, 14 sc, dec, 5 sc [28]
46 7 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 5 sc [26]
47 7 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 3 sc [24]
48 6 sc, dec, 11 sc, dec, 3 sc [22]
49 6 sc, dec, 10 sc, dec, 2 sc [20]
50 6 sc, dec, 9 sc, dec, sc [18]
51-52 18 sc [18] for 2 rnds
Fasten off, leaving a long yarn tail.


In green. Orient work feet up. Attach yarn
at the back, to last unworked front loop
from rnd 39. Work in joined rnds (ch 3
counts as a stitch).
2-dc-cl – 2 dc together in same st
picot – ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook
1 (8 sc, inc) x 4, sl st into first sc to join
2 ch 3, skip 2 sts [(2-dc-cl, ch 1, picot, ch
1, 2-dc-cl, all in same st), ch 1, skip 3 sts] x
10, working only 1 dc in place of last 2-dccl on final repeat, sl st into top of ch 3 to
Fasten off and weave in yarn ends.


Make 2, in skin colour
1 6 sc into MC [6]
2 (2 sc, inc) x 2 [8]
3-22 8 sc [8] for 20 rnds
Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Lightly stuff
lower half of arms. Using a tapestry
needle, sew arms to either side of body,
over rnd 49.


Make 4, in pink, using a 3mm hook
Ch 10 and starting in 2nd ch from hook,
work around both sides of foundation
chain. Work in joined rnds.
1 8 sc, 3 sc in last st, continue on other
side of ch, 7 sc, inc in last st, sl st into first
sc to close rnd [20]
2 ch 3, dc into same st, dc in next st,
(dc, picot, dc, in same st) (point #1), sc,
hdc, (dc, picot, dc, in same st) (point #2),
sc, hdc, (dc, picot, dc, in same st) (point

3), (hdc, dc, tr, picot, tr, dc, hdc, in same

st) (central point #4), working back down
other side of leaf (dc, picot, dc, in same st)
(point #5), hdc, sc, (dc, picot, dc, in same
st) (point #6), hdc, sc, (dc, picot, dc, in
same st) (point #7), 3 dc
Fasten off, leaving an extra long tail on 2
of the 4 wing pieces (weave in other yarn
ends). Using red/brown yarn, embroider
leaf markings on 2 of the wings, as shown.
wing assembly
Assemble pairs of wings (ensuring each
pair includes one wing with a long yarn tail
and embroidered markings). Using yarn tail
and with wrong-sides facing, sew pairs of
wings together, working around the edges
of the leaves to join.
Sew wings to the back of the body, working
through each stitch around ends of wings
to secure.

final assembly

Use a tapestry needle and yarn tail from
body to sew the body to the head, working
through all 18 sts around neck opening.
Secure to the head at least 2 rnds deep on
both front and back sections of the head.
Add extra stuffing to neck before finishing.

Congratulations on finishing
Willa, your little Fore
st Fairy!

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