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Amigurumi Free Little Turtle Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi KNITTING LOVERS
Today, we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. Main crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unigurumi lambs, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Free Little Turtle Crochet Pattern without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Materials and Tools:

Yarn Yarnart Jeans:

No.11 (menthol color),

No.07 (beige color),

No.70 (brown color),

No.69 (green color),

No.81 (blue color)

Black and white sewing threads.

Eyes half-beads size 10mm.

White felt for whites of the eyes.

4 transparent buttons size 10 mm for a button mount.

5 multi-colored buttons size 6mm for cap decoration.

1 white pompom size 2cm.

Transparent super glue.

Hook size 1,5 mm.

Wire 40 cm long for a frame.

Polyester toy filling

Pins, needle, scissors.


MR = magic ring

ch = chain

st(s) = stitch(es)

sc = single crochet

inc = increase (crochet 2sc in one st)

dec = decrease (crochet 2sts together as one sc)

sl st = slip stitch

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

ddtc = double double treble crochet

3-dc cluster = crochet 3 dc in one stitch with a

common top:

Smooth loops!


Stuff tightly in the process.

1) 6sc in MR (6)

2) 6inc (12)

3) 1sc, inc)*6 (18)

4) 18sc

5) 5sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 5sc, dec (15)

6-9) 15sc (4 rounds)

10) 1sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 1sc, dec (12)

11-12) 12sc (2 rounds)

13) 6dec (6)

Tighten the hole,

weave in the yarn ends.

Crochet 4 legs.


1) 6ch, start in the second chain

from the hook: inc, 3sc, 4sc in

the last chain, on the other side

of the chain: 3sc, inc (14)

2) 2inc, 3sc, 4inc, 3sc, 2inc (22)

3-4) 22sc (2 rounds), 1sl st

Cut the yarn, leaving a long

tail for sewing.

Whites of the eyes

Cut out 2 identical circles

2 cm in size from white felt.

If there is no felt, crochet

circles with white yarn:

1) 6sc in MR (6)

2) 6inc (12)

3) (1sc, inc)*6 (18), 1sl st

Cut the yarn, leaving a long

tail for sewing.


With blue color:

1) 6sc in MR (6)

2) 6sc

3) 6inc (12)

4-5) 12sc (2 rounds)

6) (1sc, inc)*6 (18)

7-8) 18sc (2 rounds)

9) (2sc, inc)*6 (24)

10-11) 24sc (2 rounds), 1sl st

Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing.


With green color:

No.1: 7sc in MR

No.2: 9sc in MR

No.3: 12hdc in MR

Leave long yarn tails on all pieces.


Crochet all even rounds in beige color, odd rounds

– in brown color.

1) 6sc in MR, 1sl st (6)

2) ch1, [(1sc, 3-dc cluster) in each st]*6, 1sl st (12)

3) ch1, 12inc, 1sl st (24)

4) ch1, (3-dc cluster, 1sc)*12, 1sl st (24)

5) ch1, (1sc, inc)*12, 1sl st (36)

6) ch1, (3-dc cluster, 1sc)*18, 1sl st (36)

7) ch1, (5sc, inc)*6, 1sl st (42)

8) ch1, (3-dc cluster, 1sc)*21, 1sl st (42)

9) ch1, (2sc, inc, 3sc, inc)*6, 1sl st (54)

10) ch1, (1sc, 3-dc cluster)*27, 1sl st

Leave a long yarn tail for sewing.

Head and Body

1) 6sc in MR (6)

2) 6inc (12)

3) (1sc, inc)*6 (18)

4) 1sc, inc, (2sc, inc)*5, 1sc (24)

5) (inc, 3sc)*6 (30)

6) 2sc, inc, (4sc, inc)*5, 2sc (36)

7) (5sc, inc)*6 (42)

8) 3sc, inc, (6sc, inc)*5, 3sc (48)

9) (inc, 7sc)*6 (54)

19) 4sc, inc, (8sc, inc)*5, 4sc (60)

11-23) 60sc (13 rounds)

24) 4sc, dec, (8sc, dec)*5, 4sc (54)

25) (dec, 3sc)*2, 7sc, (dec, 3sc)*4, 7sc, (dec, 3sc)*2 (46)

26) (2sc, dec)*2, 7sc, (2sc, dec)*4, 7sc, (2sc, dec)*2 (38)

Bend the wire in half. Insert it into the head, fixing

it with fiberfill. Then stuff in the process.

27) (dec, 1sc)*2, 7sc, (dec, 1sc)*4, 7sc, (dec, 1sc)*2 (30)

28) (3sc, dec)*6 (24)

29) (6sc, dec)*3 (21)

30-33) 21sc (4 rounds) – the neck

Marker of a round beginning is on the side.

34) 5sc, inc, 15sc (22) //increases in the center

35-36) 22sc (2 rounds)

37) 6sc, inc, 15sc (23)

38) (1sc, inc)*6, 5sc, inc, 5sc (30)

39) 30sc

40) (4sc, inc)*6 (36)

41) 1sc, inc, (5sc, inc)*5, 4sc (42)

42-56) 42sc (15 rounds)

57) (5sc, dec)*6 (36)

58) 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec)*5, 2sc (30)

59) (dec, 3sc)*6 (24)

60) 1sc, dec, (2sc, dec)*5, 1sc (18)

61) (1sc, dec)*6 (12)

62) 6dec (6)

Tighten the hole and weave in the yarn ends.

Bend the neck so that the head is perpendicular to

the body:

Sew the legs on

Use a button mount. Make knots on the back, they

will be closed with a shell further.

Focus on the symmetry. Try on the legs fixing them

with pins. The turtle should be stable.

Sew the shell on

For convenience, bend the head. Place the color

changing place on the shell from the side of the head.

Sew the shell to the body through the penultimate


Face decoration

Sew the muzzle on, placing a little fiberfill under it.

Glue the whites of the eyes, on them – half-bead eyes.

Embroider eyelashes, eyebrows with black sewing



Thin cotton yarn such as Iris of white, yellow and

green colors, hook size 1,25 mm.


1) start in MR: ch1, 12sc, 1sl st

2) 6ch, 1ddtc in first chain,

4ch, 1sl st in the same chain,

1sl st in the next sc of Rnd 1.

Repeat second round 11

more times.

Make a small pompom

with yellow color. Glue it to

the white part.

Crochet green stem:

1) 6sc in MR

2-20) 6sc (19 rounds)

Stuff slightly.

Sew the stem to the


Our turtle is ready.

Thanks for crocheting with me

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