Amigurumi Lamb Crochet Pattern Free Recipe

Hello to everyone. We continue our Amigurumi recipes from where we left off.
You can click the link here to learn how to make amigurumi toys. After learning Amigurumi techniques, you can make any of the recipes on our site. Since Amigurumi toys are healthy, they do not harm your children.
We recommend that you do not use eyes only on toys that you will make for children under 3 years old. You can embroider the eyes as embroidery to avoid any swallowing problems. B
u will give amigurumi knitted lamb toy recipe in our article;
 Making the toy lamb is quite easy.
After learning the techniques, you can make the amigurumi toy to practice.

We are starting to make our amigurumi toy from the body.
We knit 6 frequent needles, starting with making a magic ring.
In the 2nd round, we increase the number of stitches by making 12 needles.
For the next round, we make 1 frequent needle 1 increase.
In the 4th round, we weave 2 frequent needles and 1 increase.
We knit 5 and 6 rounds flat.
In the 7th and eighth round, we start reducing the body by making 1 frequent needles 1 reduction.
In the last round, we reduce it and fill it with fiber.
 Knitting head
we start with the magic ring and 6 frequent needles.
In the next round, we make 12 needles and increase the number of stitches.
In the 3rd round, we start to enlarge the head by making 1 frequent needle and 1 increase.
In the next round, we finish increasing by making 2 frequent needles and 1 increase.
 Knit straight between rows 5 and 9
 In the 10th row, we make 6 frequent needles and 1 reduction.
In the 11th round we knit 1 row straight.
 In the next round, we pass 5 needles and make a reduction to the other rope.
With the past thread, we knit 1 row of plain, knit 1 stitch by skipping 1 loop and then knit straight.
We reduce and finish.

Then we make a magic ring and 6 frequent needles and make arms and legs.
 Knitting 12 frequent needles in the 2nd round,
In the 3rd round, we make 1 frequent needle 1 increase.
 In the next round, 18
5th row 1 frequent needles 1 reduction,
We make 2 frequent needles 1 reduction in 6.
We knit between 7 and 17 straight.
We knit his legs in 20 rows in the same way. Our toy is ready!

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