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Amigurumi Minnie Mouse Costume Baby Girl Keychain Free Crochet Pattern

Hello friends,

We brought you a very cute key ring model.

This cute baby girl in Minnie Mouse costume will suit your key chain bag!


Kartopu Organica hand knitting threads;

Skin color rope

Yellow color rope

Black color rope

Red color rope

2 mm crochet

A piece of red lace

6 mm amigurumi eye

Dark brown embroidery thread

Key chain ring

Fiber, needle


SH: The magic ring

X: frequent needle

V: Increase

A: Reduction

BLO: Knitting with knitting on the back of loops

FLO: Knitting by stitching in front of the loops

ZN: Chain

DC: Double handrail

DCV: Binary railing increase


1) SH 6X

2) 6V (12)

3) (1X, 1V) * 6 (18)

4) (2X, 1V) * 6 (24)

5) (3X, 1V) * 6 (30)

6) (4X, 1V) * 6 (36)

7) (5X, 1V) * 6 (42)

8-12) 36X

9-10. We wear 6mm eyes in 4-5X intervals. We do facial processing.

13) (5X, 1A) * 6 (36)

14) (4X, 1A) * 6 (30)

15) (3X, 1A) * 6 (24)

16) (2X, 1A) * 6 (18)

17) (1X, 1A) * 6 (12)

18) 2A, 8X (10) to face side

19-20) 12X

We fill the fiber and process the face.


We start with the yellow rope.

1) SH 6X

2) 6V (12)

3) BLO 12X

4) 3X, 3A, 3X (9)

We continue with the skin color rope.

5-9) 9X

We fill the fiber.


We knit the skin color with a string.

1) SH 6X

2) We continue as 6X until the paint we want.


We knit the skin color with a string.

1) We combine feet with 1Zn.

2-3) 20X

We continue with the black color rope.

4) 20X

5) We subtract one from the sides. (18)

6) We subtract from the sides. (16)

7) We decrease one by one. (14)

8) We subtract from the sides. (12)

9) we subtract one from the sides (10)

10) We pull 3 chains from FLO and knit to the next loop in the form of bat until the end of the row.

We fill the fiber.


We knit with black color rope.

1) SH 10X

2) 2ZN, 1DCV (20DC) to each loop

3) (1DC, 1DCV) * 10 (30DC)

4) (2DC, 1DCV) * 10 (40DC)

5) 40DC

6) We make inverted needles along the 1 row.


We knit with black color rope.

1) SH 6X

2) 6V (12)

We connect the two ends and sew them to the hat.


We knit with red color rope.

1) 10ZN, turn 10X

2-4) 10X

We wrap the rope in the middle and give it the shape of a bow.

We sew a piece of lace for the skirt to the body with pleats with a needle.

And ready!

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