We continue to knit healthy playmates. Amigurumi friends I will share with you the flower fairy playmate today. I hope you like knitting

Crochet hook size 2mm
Knitpicks palette fingering weight in rasberry, golden yellow, cotton candy pink, coral, light blue, skin tone
Sport weight yarn in seashell acrylic for hair, yarn bee sweet shades bulky pink/orange multi
Knitpicks chroma twist groovy (optional) can use color of choice for legs
Wire 1mm (optional)
Yarn needle
Safety eyes 8mm
Fabric paint (only if your going to make and paint your own eyes) embroidery floss (optional)
Fabric glue
Stitch marker
Jewels/gems/flowers for embellishing
Broken toothpick for stuffing those small areas
Cotton ball and Qtip (cotton candy)
Red food coloring ( optional)

Notes; auge:
Use a small enough hook so your stitches are tight and stuffing doesn’t show through; usually this means
a hook several sizes smaller than recommended.
Size: Approximately 7 inches depending on hook and yarn.

Ch= chain
SC= single crochet
Hdc= half double crochet
Dc= double crochet
FLO=front loops only
Inc= increase
CC= color change
Tog= together, more than two stitches joined
Tr= triple crochet
Ss=slip stitch

Other Information:
Continuous rounds are used unless otherwise stated.
Torenia Moon is stitched wrong side out. Crochet wrong side out

Let’s Get Started !

Make 2- skin color
Rnd 1* Start 5 sc in magic ring Crochet magic ring
Rnd 2* (sc, inc) repeat 2 times, sc (7)
Rnd 3* (sc, dec) repeat 2 times, sc 4 in same stitch (8)
Rnd 4* sc in next 4 stitches, sc 4 tog (5)
Rnd 5-15* sc in all 5 sts (5)
Fasten off
Do not stuff the arms

Make 2- start in Golden yellow
Rnd 1* Ch 5 start in the 2nd ch from hook, sc in the next 3 sts, 3 sc in next st, turn to
other side of chain, sc in next 2 sts, inc (10)
Rnd 2* Sc in next 3 sts, inc 3 times, sc in next 2 sts, inc, 3 sc in same st (16)
Rnd 3* CC pink ,FLO sc in all 16 sts (16)
Rnd 4* sc in all 16 sts (16)
Rnd 5* sc, dec 5 times, sc in next 2 sts, dec, sc (10)
Rnd 6* sc in next 2 sts, dec 2 times, sc in next 2 sts, dec (7)
Stuff foot
Rnd 7* sc in each st (7)
Rnd 8* CC FLO golden yellow/ blue (7) used for surface crochet later
Rnd 9-11* sc in each st (7)
Rnd 12* sc in 6 sts, inc (8)
Rnd 13* sc in all 8 sts (8)
Rnd 14sc in 7 sts, inc (9) Rnd 15 sc in all 9 sts (9)
Rnd 16* sc in 8 sts, inc (10)
Rnd 17- 18* sc in all 10 sts (10)
Repeat for second leg but do not fasten off, we will continue with the body

Ch 2
Rnd 1* Sc in the next 10 sts of the first leg, sc 2 sts along the chain, sc 10 sts of the second leg (24)
Rnd 2* sc in all 24 sts (24)

Rnd 3* sc in next 2 sts, inc in next 3 sts, sc16, inc next 3 (30)
Rnd 4* sc in next 2 sts, hdc in the next 6 sts, sc 16, hdc 6 sts (30)
Rnd 5* dec 4 sts, sc 16, dec 3 sts (23)
Rnd 6* dec, sc 2, dec, sc 12, dec, sc 3 (20)
Rnd 7* dec, sc 2, dec, sc 9, dec, sc 3 (17)
Rnd 8* sc 3, dec, sc 2, dec, sc 3, dec, sc 3 (14)
Rnd 9* CC FLO Coral sc in all 14 sts (14) used for surface crochet later
Rnd 10* sc in all 14 sts (14)
Rnd 11* FLO sc in all 14 sts (14) used for surface crochet later
Rnd 12-13* sc in all 14 sts (14)

Rnd 14* sc 6, 3 sc in the same st, sc 2 , 3 sc in the same st, sc 4 (18)
Rnd 15* sc 18 (18)
Stuff the body

We Will Now Add The Arms
Rnd 16* sc 5 of body, sc 5 of arm, sc , sc 3 tog, sc 2, sc 3 tog, sc, sc 5 of the arm, sc 3
Rnd 17* sc 3, dec, sc, hdc 3, sc 2, dec 2, sc 2 , hdc 3, sc, dec, sc (20)
Rnd 18* CC skin color FLO sc 20 (20) for collar surface crochet later
Rnd 19* dec 3, sc 3 tog, dec 3, sc 3 tog, dec (9)
Rnd 20* dec, sc repeat (6)
Rnd 21-22 * sc 6 (6)**

Now is a good time to do surface crochet before continuing on with the head

Stuff as you go
Rnd 1* inc 6 times (12)
Rnd 2* sc, inc repeat ( 18)
Rnd 3* sc 2, inc repeat (24)
Rnd 4* sc 3, inc repeat (30)
Rnd 5* sc 4, inc repeat (36)
Rnd 6* sc 5, inc repeat (42)
Rnd 7* sc 6, inc repeat (48)
Rnd 8-16* sc in all 48 sts (48)
Insert safety eyes between rnd’s 9-10 with 8 sts between them
Rnd 17* sc 6, dec repeat 6 times (42)
Rnd 18* sc 5, dec repeat (36)
Rnd 19* sc 4, dec repeat (30)
Rnd 20* sc 3, dec repeat (24)
Rnd 21* sc 2, dec repeat (18)
Stuff some more
Rnd 22* sc, dec 6 times (12)
Rnd 23* dec 6 times
Fasten Off

Surface crochet, use joined rounds for Collar and Skirt

Join Golden yellow with a sc
Rnd 1* Sc 20, join
Rnd 2* inc in all sts (40), join
Rnd 3* CC raspberry ch 2, 3 dc in the same st, (ss in the next st, ss in the next st, ch2 3
dc in the next st) repeat around. Ss in the last 3 sts . join and fasten off

Skirt ruffle top from rnd 9* of the body
Join Golden yellow
Rnd 1* sc in all 14 sts join ch1 (14)
Rnd 2* inc in all sts join

Rnd 1* ( ch4, tr, dc,hdc,sc,) repeat around
Rnd 2* CC Raspberry ( ch4 sc in the top of the ch4 space from rnd 1, ch 4, sk 3 sts, sc
in the 4th sc space.) repeat around

Skirt bottom from rnd 11* of the body
Join Coral with a sc
Rnd 1* sc in all 14 sts join ch 1 (14)
Rnd 2* inc in all sts join ch 2 (28)
Rnd 3* dc 1, dc inc repeat join ch 2 (42)
Rnd 4* dc 2, dc inc repeat join ch 2 (56)
Rnd 5* CC cotton candy pink, sc in each st (56)

Skirt edging (bottom skirt )
Rnd 1* CC Raspberry ( ch4, tr, dc,hdc,sc,) repeat around
Rnd 2* CC Golden yellow( ch4 sc in the top of the ch4 space from rnd 1, ch 4, sk 3 sts,
sc in the 4th sc space.) repeat around

Ankle ruffle
Join raspberry
Rnd 1* Sc in each st (7)
Rnd 2* (ch4, sc )in the next st repeat

Bow wings
In light blue, Chain 28
Start in the 3rd chain from hook hdc 25 ch1 turn
3 times
Fasten off
Wrap yarn around center several times to form the bow.
Attach to middle of her back.

Small bows (2)
Light blue ch 7 start in the 2nd ch from hook sc 6 , ch1 turn, sc 6 fasten off
Wind yarn around center twice. Attach to shoes.

Flower (2)
Raspberry Ch2 work in the 2nd chain from hook( ch3, dc, ch2, dc, ch3, slst) 4 times
Attach to hair.

Cotton candy
Pink cotton ball or white
(optional) mix 1-2 drops of red food coloring in small bowl of water drop cotton ball in
water mixture . squeeze out excess and let dry. ( this method took a day to dry )Or blow
dryer works well.
Q tip cotton swab
Cut off one side of the Q tip, insert the other with the cotton attached into the cotton ball
and glue.
Paint or add ribbon around the stick, finish with a bow.
Attach to hand with small rubber band.

The latch hook method: I used a combination of yarns, sport weight in seashell, yarn
bee bulky weight split into 3 strands sweet shades in pink/orange multi. Light blue
fingering weight .

  1. Insert your hook into the gap between 2 stitches and bring it out at the gap
    directly above or below
  2. Fold a strand of yarn in half and use your hook to pull the middle through the
    head, leaving a short loop on the hook
  3. Yo with both ends of the hair and use the hook to pull through the loop
  4. Pull the ends downward to tighten the loop and secure the hair strand
  5. Hook all along the hairline

If You Want Curly/Wavy Hair
Begin by wrapping acrylic yarn around wooden dowels, be sure to secure the ends.
Next soak the yarn covered dowels in water. Squeeze out the excess before placing
them on a baking sheet and into the oven at 250 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Allow them
to cool completely before removing the yarn from the dowels. Cut the yarn into about 12
inch length pieces and apply to head as stated above.

Trace the eyes onto a light fabric and paint .Apply clear nail polish to set. And cut them
out. You may have to resize to fit your Torenia Moon. Apply fabric glue and apply to
head.Add one more coat of clear nail polish.

Lastly, Torenia Moon loves to read while enjoying her cotton candy, she reads about the
beautiful and unique flowers around the world. And hopes of one day seeing them all.

Cut out and glue onto cardboard. You may have to resize.